About Wallmans

In 2003, Wallmans took over one of Denmark’s and Copenhagen’s major cultural institutions: the Circus Building. Just one year later, in 2004, the first guests could enjoy the Wallmans’ Dinner Party experience. After that, there was no holding us back.

So far, under the huge dome of the Circus auditorium, we have entertained more than 1 million private and corporate guests from both Denmark and abroad. Every year we produce a new dinner party, which plays from Thursday to Saturday and runs from August to June.

Dinnerparty – Who says a party can’t have it all?

Wallmans’ Dinner Party is the biggest, most convivial event in Copenhagen. The concept is all about providing our guests with an entertaining, unforgettable evening, featuring a show, dinner and a nightclub – an amazing feast for all the senses.

The experience starts from the moment you arrive outside the Circus Building, where we are ready to welcome you to an evening of magic, excitement and surprises. The evening continues in the vast Circus auditorium, where we treat you to a delicious 4-course dinner and an international show packed with singing, dancing and acrobatics.

Wallmans is the perfect venue for any kind of celebration – from a birthday or anniversary to a divorce. BUT you do not always need an excuse to party. We are always ready to welcome your partner, siblings or colleagues.

The show culminates in a grand finale – a perfect run-up to the party in the nightclub, where you can dance the night away and sip a delicious cocktail in the bar. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is a DJ, playing mega hits from the 80s and 90s up until today.

Wallmans Group

We are part of the Wallmans Group, which for almost 50 years has been both a developer of ideas and an entrepreneur in the Swedish entertainment industry. Since the 1960s, Wallmans have organised concerts featuring such artistes as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. But they then went one step further and developed their very own entertainment concept: a much-coveted concept that has since expanded to include both Norway and Denmark.

Moment Group

Wallmans Group (formerly Wallmans Nöjen) is part of Moment Group, one of Scandinavia’s leading operators in the entertainment industry. The entire group generates experiences for an impressive 2 million guests a year. Moment Group operates in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Falkenberg and Växjö.

About the Circus Building

As previously mentioned, the Circus Building has housed Wallmans since 2003. Since then, the building has been very sensitively modernised. The old stables are now reception rooms, the elephant passage and shed are the restaurant’s kitchen, while the monkey cage and the saddler’s premises have been converted into dressing rooms for the performers. Though there have been many changes backstage, the actual Circus auditorium has just about retained its original appearance.

As a part of the Circus Building, our aim is to perpetuate and expand the traditions of this iconic building and add new ones – an abundance of major, fun, positive and entertaining experiences.

A brief History of the Circus Building

The history of the Circus Building dates back to 1884, when the Copenhagen master carpenter, Fritz Petersen acquired the site in Jernbanegade, with the intention of constructing the very first brick-built circus auditorium in Europe. The Circus Building was then built according to a design by the architect, H.V, Brinkopff. Even though the master carpenter went bankrupt in the process, the building was successfully completed and was inaugurated in 1886 with a huge people’s party.

The building became the city’s hallmark and, for many years, hosted major circus events produced by the circus kings of the time: Ernst Renz, Albert Schumann and finally Eli Benneweis.

Other events

Today the building is mainly used for Wallmans’ Dinner Party. But that is certainly not all that goes on in the building. Each year the Circus Building hosts countless events of both a private and corporate nature.

The building has provided the setting for many of the city’s major cultural events: for example, TV shows such as the Danish Eurovision Song Contest and Danish Rainbow Awards; and concerts and shows featuring such celebrities as Victor Borge, Miles Davies, Tony Bennet, Bryan Ferry, Mike Tyson, Kevin Magnussen, Ole Henriksen and Countess Alexandra etc.

“It is wonderful to see how Wallmans have so sensitively transformed the Circus Building into a glorious showroom, while respecting the old virtues and offering an abundance of activities. The building lives on.”

Nelly Jane Benneweis