Someone in the company is in a wheelchair, how do we take care of it?

If you are a wheelchair user, have walking difficulties or otherwise have a special need, you need to inform us about this via mail when you order tickets. If you make your booking online, you should send an email with the information afterwards.

If we do not receive the information before your visit, it is not certain that we will be able to meet the need in the evening, due to the terms of our fire approvals. We may therefore unfortunately have to reject the person or persons in question without a refund.

NB! You must be able to present an email from us, where we have confirmed that we can fulfill the need.

Wheelchair users are always placed on the 5th floor in the hall and can access the dinner show via an elevator in our lobby. We have room for max. 4 people in wheelchairs per. evening. Please be aware that tickets only can be booked for category B and C due to fire safety.

In the event that our lift is out of service on the day due to technical difficulties, you will be offered a new date or get your money back.

In our foyer there are two handicap toilets (shown by signage).

We have the “God-Adgang” label. Read more here