Is there a cloakroom?

Yes. The cloakroom is free for all guests and is open from 5.30 pm. It is staffed throughout the evening.

Remember to take good care of your cloakroom number, as this must be shown in order to be given the corresponding jacket.

You are not allowed to bring outerwear and large bags into the Circus Hall due to safety reasons. Only small handbags are allowed. If you need to store a larger bag in the cloakroom, the guards in the Circus Building may require to take a look inside.

Loose items such as hats, gloves and scarves must be placed in a closed bag or pocket and not in, for example, a jacket sleeve, where they risk falling out. The Circus Building does not take responsibility for loose items that have not been stored correctly.

If your clothes or possessions in the cloakroom get damaged during your visit, we offer compensation up to a maximum of DKK 1,000. Documentation of the damage having occured during your visit in The Circus Building may be requested.