How are you seated?

In the Circus Building we have 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 person tables, but not all types of tables are available in all categories.

Most of the tables in the Circus Building seat 6-8 people. If you are less than 6 people, you may expect having to share the table with another party, but this would, of course, only make the evening even more festive (it often applies to parties of 2 people).

This will in particular be the case during weekends and the busy Christmas season (November-December).

Due to fire safety regulations in the Circus Hall, our tables are only allowed to be of a certain length and width. At the Hall’s 8-person tables, people sit quite closely together, and we hope guests will understand this.

When purchasing tickets for category lower A or B, you might be seated at some of the round gala tables by the main stage. These tables will be removed at the beginning of the nightclub at 11.00 pm to make room for the dance floor.