Wallmans Dinnerparty

Unique event in CPH

Copenhagen feels like stepping into a lively storybook, where every corner has its own tale. The city pulses with energy, from the melodies of street musicians to the curtain calls at theaters.

Yet, even with so much going on, we sometimes seek that one special thing that’s different from everything else. An experience that truly stands out and transcends the ordinary. If you’re searching for that distinctive event in Copenhagen, you have to check out Wallmans Dinnerparty.

This unique Copenhagen event is an authentic entertainment treasure, packing a blend of fun, joy, and flavors into one unforgettable evening. It gives you stories you’ll be eager to share. It’s those special moments that stay with you the longest.

Impressive and one-of-a-kind venue

The magic of this Copenhagen event begins the moment you approach the Circus Building. Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, the venue stands impressively, showcasing a splendid facade that hints at its rich past. With a heritage spanning over a century, it carries many memories from days gone by.

Each Wallmans Dinnerparty builds on its legacy, narrating stories from the present and preparing for future ones, as the venue consistently hosts unique events in Copenhagen.

The soul of the entertainment lies in the Circus Hall, where the renowned Wallmans Dinnerparty unfolds. Imagine a grand room, illuminated with bright, colorful lights, shining over seven platforms and a wide stage. The setting is exquisite, with tables draped in white tablecloths and elegantly arranged chairs awaiting Wallmans Dinnerparty guests. Every corner radiates magic, from the crystal-clear sound produced by a top-tier sound system to the beautiful decorative elements. The venue’s special feel is just like the unique touch of the Wallmans show itself.

The cherry on top is the prime location. Whether you’re driving or using public transport, with Vesterbro station and Rådhuspladsen just a short walk away, attending this Copenhagen event at the Circus Building is easily accessible.

Spectacular show with a fusion of diverse entertainment

Step into a world of amazing entertainment with Wallmans Dinnerparty, the crown jewel of Copenhagen events.

The top-tier performers from various corners of the globe grace the stage, elevating this event in Copenhagen to a premium entertainment extravaganza.

Language won’t be a barrier here; performed in English, the show seamlessly caters to both the local Danish audience and international visitors.

Each show act is a mosaic of emotion, undeniable talent, passion, and energy that’s infectious. You can feel the hard work, dedication and love the performers put into their craft.

Get ready for fantastic music performances that celebrate some of the biggest artists in music, all while a dynamic live band stirs the atmosphere, raising the tempo and your spirits.

Watch as dancers, dressed in glittering costumes, move gracefully across the stage, encouraging everyone to join in the rhythm.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, prepare for breathtaking acrobats to come into the spotlight.

Each segment of our spectacular event in Copenhagen brings its own unique excitement, complete with delightful surprises and a generous sprinkle of confetti.

This event is expertly crafted for unforgettable memories, whether you’re with your partner, family, friends, or work colleagues. It’s the perfect gathering to enjoy with your loved ones.

Enjoy a delicious 4-course dinner

At Wallmans Dinnerparty, it’s not just about the show; we also make sure that you stomach is filled with delicious food. As a part of our unique Copenhagen event, a delectable 4-course dinner awaits you.

The menu is thoughtfully designed with options to cater to varied palates. Choose from delicious lamb and beef dishes, dive into seafood delicacies, or opt for our vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Prepared by experienced chefs, regardless of the menu you choose, you can be confident that the food will elevate your overall experience at this special event in Copenhagen.

If you have you have any allergies, diabetes or something similar, just let us know. We’re committed to making your dining experience enjoyable and tailored to your needs.

Our attentive waitstaff and servers will ensure you have everything you need throughout the evening. To complement your meal, we offer a diverse selection of beverages, including wines, specialty beers, and cocktails.

Party in our nightclub

When the curtain falls on Wallmans Dinnerparty, the night is far from over. This Copenhagen event extends its festivities to the pulsating dance floor of the Circus Building’s exclusive nightclub.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of captivating tunes and bask in the electrifying party ambiance. With a drink in hand, let loose and dance your heart out, ensuring you truly experience every vibrant beat of this unforgettable event in Copenhagen.

The night is young, and the dance floor awaits!

Green Key certificate is proof of commitment to an eco-friendly event

What adds to the uniqueness of our Copenhagen event is the fact that our venue, the Circus Building, is Green Key certified.

Recognized as tourism’s premier eco-label, the Green Key signals that the Circus Buildig adheres to the highest environmental standards regarding everything from energy and water conservation to the use of organic raw materials.

So, when you’re reveling in the festivities, know that you’re also part of an environmentally friendly initiative, making this event in Copenhagen not just delightful but also conscientious to the surroundings!

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We look forward to welcoming you at Wallmans Dinnerparty!