Exclusive nightclub in copenhagen


exclusive nightclub in copenhagen

Come and party with us in the hottest and most festive nightclub in the heart of Copenhagen. The nightclub is part of our iconic Circus Building, so there is a guarantee of an evening with fun, magic and surprises for you and your friends.


Once Wallmans’ performers have rounded off the show with a resounding finale, it doesn’t mean the party is over. Far from it! As a guest to Dinnerparty you will get extra entertainment and great experiences included in the fare. The moment the show ends, the dancing music begins from the nightclub and in come the crowds on the dance floor! Here we play the biggest hits from the 80′s and 90’s until today.


Let the party atmosphere continue in one of our two big bars, where the bartenders are ready to meet your wishes. Our drink card offers a wide selection of colorful cocktails, delicious champagne, cold beer and exquisite wines. The selection is big and tempting, no matter what you prefer. At the bars there is plenty of opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy your evening and the atmosphere from the vibrant dance floor.

Take a look at our cocktails and drinks card.

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Be aware that all bars are cash-free. If you want to pay with cash, please contact the waiter at your table.


Every Friday and Saturday, you can experience our top professional DJ at THE STAGE, who provides the ultimate party atmosphere on the dance floor.

Read more about THE STAGE here.

Opening hours

THE STAGE nightclub opens for new guests at 11.30 pm*.

Please note that the closing hour depends on the amount of people participating in the party. If there are many festive guests and the atmosphere is at the top, then we stay open until the sun rises.

*We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

Age limit

The age limit for the nightclub is 25 years. Our security check ID, so be sure to bring it in your pocket and take it as a compliment if they ask for it.


If you have not been to Wallmans Dinnerparty, you and your friends have the opportunity to visit THE STAGE.

There is free entrance to THE STAGE in September and October 2021.

Do not miss the best party in Copenhagen at THE STAGE!