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Reviews – urban nights 2018/2019

6 stjerner
Wow wow wow! Completely magical”

6 stjerner
“The whole show is very sexy – (…) in an charming and humorous way”

5 stjerner
“A sky-high level” CPHCulture

5 stjerner
“Top-class circus artistry” Frederiksborg Amts Avis

5 stjerner
“(…) an amazing show” Out & About

5 stjerner
“The scenography is well incorporated into the various acts” Scenekanten

5 stjerner
“Wallmans is a real showstopper” (showstopper is an American term of performance, which because of its special ability to touch or thrill the audience puts the whole show up and prolongs the present in a particularly delightful or moving moment) Veckotidningen

5 stjerner
“Acrobatics that steal hearts, applause and attention” WRDSMTH

4 stjerner
“An experience that brings you in an excellent mood” Den 4.væg

4 stjerner
“It’s hard to be pessimistic in Wallmans, and therefore four big hearts from here” Kulturformidleren

4 stjerner
“The show was filled with extravagant song, dance and circus performers” UngtTeaterblod

“Edgy, sexy and highly entertaining” og “An obvious evening in the city for both Danish and foreign business associations, to show what Copenhagen can offer” Børsen

“The costumes are completed, the scenography convincing and the pace high”

PRESS PHOTOS – urban nights 2018/2019

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Photos by: John Resborn

Strong male acrobat performing at Wallmans Dinnerhow

Photo by: Jon Norddahl

Wallmans Cirkusbygningen

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