faq with practical information

At Wallmans Dinnerparty in the Circus Building you and your friends, family and colleagues are guaranteed an evening for all senses with magnificent show, exquisite 4-course dinner & nightclub.


Once you have ordered tickets for Wallmans Dinnerparty, you will receive a confirmation from us. You will not receive any ticket(s) and the confirmation is therefore your evidence of purchase. You do not have to bring the confirmation in the evening.

Please note that the purchase of tickets for Wallmans Dinnerparty is binding, which means that it is generally not possible to move a company from one day to another.


AT 5.30 PM

The doors to the Circus Building are opened. Engaging entertainment in the foyer

AT 6.00 PM

The bar in the foyer closes. The doors to the Circus Hall are opened and you and your company will be seated

AT 6.30 PM

Dinnerparty. The 4-course dinner will be served between the different show acts

AT 10.30 PM

The nightclub THE STAGE begins for the guests of Wallmans Dinnerparty
(The doors to the nightclub are opened at 11.00 pm)

NB! In the Christmas period (November-December) the show will end at 11.00 pm.


Wallmans can not promise or guarantee a specific table in the ordered category for the party. We will, however, always attempt to accommodate any wishes you may have.

Most of the tables in Wallmans seat 6-8 people. We therefore recommend that you gather your friends or family and book an entire table. If you are less than 6 people, you may expect having to share the table with another party. This would, of course, only make the evening even more festive. This will in particular be the case during weekends and the busy Christmas period (November-December).

Whole parties will always be placed in the same category, but if you are more than 8 people, you will be seated at two tables next to each other. For further info, please ask when ordering your tickets.

When purchasing tickets for category A or B, you might be seated at some of the round gala tables by the main stage. These tables will be removed at the beginning of the nightclub at 10.30 pm to make room for the dance floor. In most cases you will be seated at other tables in the Circus Hall where the festive evening can continue. We will of course do everything to make this possible, but we can not guarantee it. NB! Other rules are may apply to the Christmas period (November-December) and New Year´s Eve.

Due to fire safety regulations in the Circus Hall, our tables are only allowed to be of a certain length and width. At the Hall’s 8-person tables, people sit quite closely together, and we hope guests will understand this. But at Wallmans Dinnerparty luckily you are only ever going to be close to happy people in a festive mood.

If you downgrade the number of guests in your company, we will change the seating accordingly so that the number of guests in the company on the evening will match the number of seats at the table.


Should you arrive late for the dinner show, you are not guaranteed the full menu as the servings follow an established show program.


Guests at Wallmans in the Circus Building are not allowed to bring large coats and / or large bags in the Circus Hall. However, they have free cloakroom facilities for storing their coats and belongings. The cloakroom is staffed throughout the evening. If you need to store a larger bag in the, the guards in the Circus Building may have to take a look inside.

If your clothes or possessions in the cloakroom get damaged during your visit, we offer compensation up to a maximum of DKK 1,000. In certain cases we may request proof that the damage was done during your visit to the Circus Building.


In order for us to provide the best service, it’s important that you address your waiter in the evening if you experience something that you are not satisfied with. It is very important, so we are able to give you and your company the best experience in the evening and handle any feedback afterwards.


Wallmans Dinnerparty is an evening event primarily meant for adults. However, we do not have a specific age limit at Wallmans. Actually, you get a 40%* discount on tickets for youth up and including 25 years. Remember to bring ID at the show, it must be presented on request. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Read more here.

However, we do not recommend bringing small children, as the music is loud and there is no room to play by the table. Due to our alcohol-licenses, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to consume any alcohol at Wallmans. If this rule is violated, the whole company may be asked to leave. People under the age of 18 are not allowed in the nightclub after 11.00 pm.

*The discount cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions or bonus schemes and does not apply to existing bookings or bookings on Fridays and Saturdays in November – December and New Years Eve. 


It is possible for persons with disabilities to experience Wallmans Dinnerparty. We have the “God adgang” mark, which means that we can handle people who are affected by various forms of disability. Read more på Godadgang.dk.

Wheelchair users are always placed at the 5th level in the Circus Hall. The lift in our foyer will transport wheelchair users to the Dinnerparty. We can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests in wheelchairs per evening. Please be aware that tickets only can be booked for category B due to fire safety.

In our foyer there are two toilets for disabled guests (well sign-posted). If you are a wheelchair user or are having difficulty walking, please let us know when you book your ticket, so our staff can help you to the best of their ability on the night.


For those who are sensitive to light, please note that Wallmans Dinnerparty includes a varied, vibrant light show.

DRESS code

Dress to impress! Our guests for Wallmans Dinnerparty are dressed for a festive evening, so find your nice clothes and polish your dancing shoes.


In the Circus Building we have to options for parking:

Axel Tower

Get 20% off parking in the parking basement at Axel Tower, which is just across from the Circus Building (opposite side)*. You can use the app “Apcoa Flow”.

Practical information

  1. You drive into the parking basement at Axel Tower and make your parking
  2. Click on this link to register your parking and follow this process:
    • Click “I accept and have read the privacy policy”
    • Enter your car’s license plate
    • Enter then the time you want to park
    • It is not necessary to add discount code, as the discount has already been deducted in the link
    • Click “Create Parking” and enter your personal information and receive a confirmation by email
    • Pay for your parking by credit card

NB! If you need to park for longer than initially assumed, please use the link again and extend your parking.

When you go to Axel Towers to pick up your car, you must remember your license plate to enter the building.

*Wallmans is not responsible for any technical issues with parking at Axel Towers. If the link (or app) does not work, unfortunately you can not get a discount. Contact Apcoa.


Get 15% off discount on parking in the car park Q-Park Vesterport in Nyropsgade 42 – only a few minutes walk from the Circus Building.

Practical information

  1. You pull a ticket at the entrance to the parking garage Q-Park Vesterport and then you park your car. Remember to bring your parking ticket when you leave the parking garage.
  2. When you enter the main entrance to the Circus Building, you will find Q-Park’s ticket machine next to the wardrobe. By entering your parking ticket at the ticket vending machine, the ticket is applied a barcode which subsequently triggers the discount.
  3. When you return to Q-Park Vesterport, insert the ticket into the payment machine. The discount is automatically deducted, and you can make your payment.

If you need to reserve a number of parking spaces in connection with a conference or event, please contact Q-Park directly for this service.

Read more about parking here Q-Park Vesterport.


Wallmans cooperate with the Copenhagen taxi company, TAXA 4×35, who offers our guest easy, fast and safe transportation to and from our events. The easiest way to order a taxi is to download TAXA 4×35’s free app for iOS or Android (search for TAXA 4×35 in App Store or Google Play) and order your taxi with a few clicks on your smartphone. You can read more about the app on TAXA 4×35’s website here: www.taxa.dk/en/download-taxa-app.

You can also dial +45 35353535 for personal assistance.


A visit to Wallmans Circus Building means a party with a great show, excellent food, delicious wine and other great drinks. There can be as many as 1.000 guests at a Wallmans Dinnerparty, and we expect that all our guests show a certain degree of responsibility and respect. If your behaviour proves a nuisance for Wallmans staff or the other guests, you will politely be escorted out of the Circus Building. If an excessive intake of alcohol should lead to vomiting during a dinner show, the guest in question will politely be escorted out of the Circus Building and subsequently fined DKK 800 for damage done to Wallmans’ property.

At Wallmans, we clearly distance ourselves from certain behaviors such as sexual harassment, violence and violent behavior, both in relation to our employees and our guests. Behavior of these types can lead to expulsion from our venue.


Any inquiries regarding lost property should be sent to Leif Andersen (Supervisor). E-mail: leif.andersen@wallmans.com, tel.: +45 5166 0606. NB! In case the guest wishes to have send their lost property they will be charged an administration fee for the handling of the property.


In Wallmans, we have an active environmental policy, which constantly aims at reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Among other things, we are focusing on reducing food waste and waste in the restaurant. In addition, we have set up recycling bins for paper and cardboard, which are actively used by all departments.

Our professional chefs have years of experience in putting together an exquisite menu, both in terms of the selection and quantity of ingredients. Should you still be hungry after eating the selected menu, you can ask your waiter for an extra portion.


Cancellation must be done by sending an email to wecare@wallmans.com.


You are free to cancel your tickets without any costs until 30 days before the show date. If you make a cancellation or reduction of the arrangement between 30 and 7 days before the show date, you will be charged 50% of the full price. If your tickets are canceled or reduced later than 7 days before the show date, you will be charged the full price.


The event is free to cancel until 60 days before show date. Until 7 days before the show date, the event can be reduced by up to 10% of the ticket number at no cost. NB! In November and December it will be reduced with 2%.

By full cancellation or reduction of more than 10% of the ticket number, made between 60 days and 7 days before the show date, you will be charged 50% of the full amount. By cancellation or reduction of the event later than 7 days before the show date, you will be charged the full amount.


Wallmans are entitled to cancel the contract in case of force majeure: an event we have no influence on and which can’t be predicted. It could for example be war, strike or natural disasters.

Wallmans are not attributed any liability for cancellation of the contract. If the cancellation is due to reservations that may be attributed to the customer, Wallmans may claim compensation from the customer.