Booking and payment

Can I decide the table myself?

For Wallmans Dinnerparty, you buy a ticket for a category. We can never guarantee a specific table or location in the selected category, but we will always attempt to welcome your wishes at Customer Care. Companies will always be placed together in the chosen category, but if you count more than 8 people, the company can be placed at several tables side by side. You can hear more about this when you book your tickets at Customer Care.

Do you have an age limit?

Wallmans Dinnerparty is an evening event for young people and adults. The age limit is min. 6 years, but we do not recommend that you bring children under the age of 12 because there may appear loud music and sexual references in the show.

Be aware that guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and are not allowed in the nightclub after 11.00 pm. Moreover, due to our alcohol-licenses, guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to consume alcohol in the Circus Building. If this rule is violated, the whole company may be asked to leave.

How do I pay?

If you book your tickets online via wallmans.dk, you pay by card. If you contact Customer Care by phone or email to book tickets, payment is made by phone via your card or a payment link (please note that the amount must be paid within 3 working days and that you will not receive a receipt when you use this payment method).

Which gift cards can I use?

If you are lucky to own a gift card for Wallmans Dinnerparty, either from us, purchased via Ticketmaster, GoDream, GoGift, Smartbox, Truestory.dk (formerly DuGlemmerDetAldrig) or similar, please inform Customer Care.

Where do I find my ticket?

We have a ticket-free system, but you always receive a confirmation from us after your purchase. You just have to state the name of the person who bought the tickets at the entrance to the Hall. If you have provided a company name, this must be stated.

Please note that the purchase of tickets for Wallmans Dinnerparty is binding, which means that it is generally not possible to move a company from one day to another. See the question: Can I cancel?

Someone in the company is in a wheelchair, how do we take care of it?

You must always inform us of special needs when you book tickets.

Can I cancel?

Cancellation must be made by sending an email to wecare@wallmans.com.

The service fee of DKK 20 per. person is not refundable in case of cancellation or reduction.

How are you seated?

I Cirkusbygningen har vi 4, 6, 8, 10 og 12 personers borde, men ikke alle typer borde findes i alle kategorier.

Størstedelen af bordene er 6- eller 8-mandsborde. Er I færre end 6 personer, må I forvente at skulle dele bordet med et andet selskab, men det kan jo kun blive ekstra festligt (dette gælder oftest, hvis man er 2 personer).

Det vil især være i weekender og i den travle juleperiode (november-december), at mindre selskaber vil skulle dele bord med hinanden.

Af hensyn til brandsikkerheden i Cirkussalen kan vores borde kun have en vis længde og bredde. Dette betyder at man sidder tæt ved bordene, især 8-mands bordene, og vi håber på jeres forståelse for dette.

Ved køb af billetter i kategori nedre A og B kan placeringen blive ved de runde gallaborde ved hovedscenen. Disse borde bliver fjernet ved natklubbens begyndelse kl. 23.00 for at skabe plads til dansegulv.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes! Contact Customer Care via telephone +45 3316 3700 or email wecare@wallmans.com for more information.



Can I move my booking to another day?

No, it is generally not possible to move a company from one day to another.

Food and drinks

Do you take allergies into account?

Yes, if you have any allergies, diabetes or something similar, we just need to be informed of this no later than one week before the show date.


Are drinks included in the price?

No, drinks are purchased separately. There are always a lot of guests in the Circus Building, and therefore our bar staff will be busy upon arrival. We highly recommend that you pre-order your beverages so they will be ready for your table when you arrive.

Can I have the recipe for the soup?

YES! You can download it here. NB! It is in Danish.

Nice to know

Where can I park my car?

In the Circus Building we have 2 options for parking.

Do you have a dress code?

Dress to impress! Our guests are dressed for a festive evening in the Circus Building, so find your nice clothes and polish your dancing shoes.

We love that our guests have different styles and tastes, but do not accept club badges, back badges and political messages.

I forgot something?

Please contact us via email lostandfound@wallmans.com.

An administration fee will be charged for handling the lost property if you want it to be send.

Show and program

What is included in the price?

Cloakroom, show, 4-course dinner (Wallmans menu, Vegetarian menu or Vegan menu) & nightclub. Beverages are purchased separately.

When do the doors open?

The Circus Building opens at 5.30 pm with access to the bars and toilets in the foyer. From 5.50 pm you can enter your reserved seats in the Circus Hall.

When does the Dinnerparty start and end?

Wallmans Dinnerparty starts at 6.00 pm, but we recommend that you arrive before. At approx. 11.00 pm the show ends.

When is the nightclub open?

The nightclub starts approx. 11.00 pm all show days. Fridays and Saturdays we have a DJ.
The nightclub is open to new guests from 11.30 pm.  The age limit is minimum 25 years.

What happens if I’m late?

If you arrive late for Wallmans Dinnerparty, you cannot expect to get the full menu, as the servings follow an established show program.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes. The cloakroom is free for all guests and is open from 5.30 pm. It is staffed throughout the evening.

Remember to take good care of your cloakroom number, as this must be shown in order to be given the corresponding jacket.

You are not allowed to bring outerwear and large bags into the Circus Hall due to safety reasons. Only small handbags are allowed. If you need to store a larger bag in the cloakroom, the guards in the Circus Building may require to take a look inside.

If your clothes or possessions in the cloakroom get damaged during your visit, we offer compensation up to a maximum of DKK 1,000. Documentation of the damage having occured during your visit in The Circus Building may be requested.

Is the show suitable for people who are sensitive to light?

For those who are sensitive to light, please note that Wallmans Dinnerparty includes a varied, vibrant light show.

How often is there a new show?

Once a year. A show plays from the end of August – June.